Top 10 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in Canada for 2021 (2023)

Top 10 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in Canada for 2021 (1)

As per a Report, the tech sector in Canada holds the key to economic recovery of the country in the post COVID-19 scenario.

As the world moves towards a primarily digital economy, Canada’s tech industry is a major economic driver, continuing to expand in the near future as well.

Canada welcomes IT workers.

Tech-based companies worldwide have become integral to driving the GDP of any country, innovating a new world through persistent research and development of advanced technology, creating high-paying lucrative jobs in the process.

With an expanding remote workforce, the focus has shifted onto VPNs, log management, as well as cloud-based security tools.

In view of social distancing and isolation measures, online retail and e-commerce have come into the main fray, expected to grow exponentially as online shopping gets more competitive and popular.

Today, those with skills in e-commerce and data security can expect to have the best IT jobs in Canada in 2021.

According to Randstad, the IT industry offers an average annual salary of CAD 87,300 in 2021, offering some of the highly competitive salaries in Canada.

The high demand for IT professionals in 2021 is primarily in view of the pandemic and beyond.

So, what are the top in-demand tech jobs in Canada in 2021?

Here, we shall review the Top 10 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in Canada for 2021.

Do keep in mind that the occupation code – as per the National Occupational Classification [NOC] matrix followed by the Canadian government – must be selected with proper caution.

Selection of the wrong NOC code can lead to the application being rejected by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC].

The NOC code opted for must be according to the job responsibilities in the main occupation of the individual. For example, a NOC 2173 unit group job [software engineers and designers] might be closely related to a NOC 2174 unit group job [that of computer programmers and interactive media developers.

Always choose your NOC code very carefully.

Sl. No. Occupation
1Software Developer
2IT Project Manager
3IT Business Analyst
4Database Analyst
5Data Science Specialist
6Digital Media Specialist
7Quality Assurance Analyst
8Security Analysts and Architects
9Business Systems Analyst
10Network Engineer
  1. Software Developer

For 2021, software developers are in the highest demand among tech professionals.

Employers the world over are looking to bring in more software developers for writing, modifying, integrating and testing computer codes for communications software, data processing, software applications etc.

Coding and programming skills remain in high demand across Canada, especially in view of the Canadian employers upgrading their e-commerce capabilities and software as part of their COVID-19 response.

  1. IT Project Manager

Perpetually finding their place among the top IT jobs in Canada in any year, IT Project Managers are in especial high demand throughout Canada.

Those highest in demand in the occupation include project managers that possess the requisite skills for balancing competing budgets and deadlines on one hand, with a solid technical IT knowledge on the other.

An IT Project Manager has many roles to play in an organization, such as heading and managing the IT team and meeting the clients in person.

Project managers with certain certifications – Scrum Master, PMI etc. – are among the highly sought-after in the Canadian labour market.

  1. IT Business Analyst

With data and analytics playing an increasingly critical role during the pandemic situation, IT Business Analysts – with specialization in tech and software analysis – are much in demand in 2021.

As Canadian businesses rely more on more on IT, business analysts are required for shaping as well as optimizing software and business systems, making them as effective as possible.

  1. Database Analyst

Making sense of the huge amounts of data collected by organizations, a Database Analyst comes into the forefront wherever data and its optimum use can make or break a business.

Today, data is in the spotlight as businesses tweak their budgets, relying upon data analysis for making the most profitable decisions.

Using database management software, a Database Analyst designs, develops administers data management solutions.

  1. Data Science Specialist

A Data Science Specialist, also at times referred to as a Data Scientist, is an individual responsible for developing methodologies and algorithms for generating impactful insights and benefits for the betterment of a business.

Advanced analytical skills will be required for the role.

Digital Media Specialist

Often also referred to as a Social Media Specialist, a Digital Marketing Specialist helps a business or organization in tapping the potential of inbound marketing.

Digital campaigns and content marketing are an integral part of the occupation role.

For developing a compelling content online, a Digital Marketing Specialist will be working with graphic designers, subject-matter experts, as well as freelance or in-house writers.

  1. Quality Assurance Analyst

Ensuring that software is user-friendly and bug-free, Quality Assurance Analysts have always been in high demand in the Canadian labour market.

By minimizing risk for their employer – a factor increasingly critical during the coronavirus pandemic – quality assurance has an important role to play in IT departments.

  1. Security Analysts and Architects

The focus on data security has been especially more in view of the increasing amounts of personal information that individuals have been sharing online.

In the background of certain reported data breaches at prominent companies in the recent past, the average consumer has begun scrutinizing corporate data security practices more closely than ever before.

A security analyst is responsible for pinpointing weaknesses and trouble areas in their employer’s system and process of data collection.

By finding out what could go wrong and where, leading to a possible data leak, a Data Analyst helps in determining effective ways of building an architecture that can safeguard consumer data in all eventualities, both anticipated as well as unforeseen.

  1. Business Systems Analyst

A comparatively new entrant on the list of Top IT jobs in Canada, a Business Systems Analyst is responsible for the creation as well as implementation of specific systems for their employer.

Do keep in mind that the role of a Business Systems Analyst, though similar sounding, is different from that of a Business Analyst.

While a Business Analyst has a general occupational role, a Business Systems Analyst has a more specific role to play in an organization.

Both occupations – that of a Business System Analyst as well as a Business Analyst – are in high demand throughout Canada, as employers seek out experts helping them cope with the COVID-19 aftermath.

  1. Network Engineer

Gaining prominence recently, networking is especially crucial as many corporate roles transition onto remote working.

Checking that network equipment, internal and external, as well as servers are properly managed, a Network Engineer ensures that all runs smoothly for everyone involved.

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