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Hello Viewers,

In this video I have tried to cover all information and rules regarding Benefits or LTC with latest updates, New rules for Flight Bookings under LTC as per Special Relaxation Scheme for Trip to Ladakh, J&K, NE and A&N regions.
Along with this all usual information like the following has been discussed in Detail:

Who are Eligible for LTC?
Types of LTC ?
All India LTC and Hometown LTC Conversion.
Block year Concepts and Family term Definition
Journey Entitlements for Different Levels of Employees
Special Relaxation Scheme for Air Travel
Will a person posted in hometown Eligible for LTC?

All the doubts and queries regarding the above mentioned topics will be explained and answered in this video, So please watch the complete video for full information.

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If I tell you that you can go anywhere in India, that too, with your family, and the government will bear all your travel expenses.

Will you believe this fact,? You are not just by bus or train.

There are some places.


You can also travel by flight like Pondicherry and all its expenses, which can be around 50000 or more.

The entire expenses will be borne by the government and you will not have to pay a single penny.

Talk about Scheme, LTC or Lift Travel Conservation.

Under, which you can roam anywhere in All India, with your family, that too, for free and in this video we are going to give you all the information related to it as it is valid for them and what can be entertainment and most Special.

If you want to go by flight with your family, then you will get a chance to know in which places and how it is processed.

We will know all this, which just friends.

Let's start the video very quickly, so gaze, like you, guys.

It is known that I keep putting videos related to touring traveling on my channel, whether it is a moto, vlog, Be it or touring guide shows or some such schemes which have been made by the government, and you can get a lot of benefit from them, especially if you do touring etc.

then gas is like this, today, I have brought a video in front of you, which we It is said that if you want to tell about LTC or Lift Travel Consistration in one line, then I will tell you that there is such a scheme by the Central Government that some special people should now take care.

Only some special people can make it well and that too a fix.


You are not doing this Kim well within the time period.

Then let us start and see.


Today we are going to talk about types of LTC, then eligibility.

We will talk about the most important topic after that.

What is the concept of block year and what is the meaning of term of family .

So at what level of entitlement we will tell you what you will get and then comes the highest Important and I think maximum people are looking for this, that what happens? Is the region of Jammu and Kashmir, the region of Ladakh, the facility of flying to Andaman and Nicobar has been made available through this scheme.

We will also talk about gas.

We are going to do that.

What are the terms and what is the procedure, okay,? So, let's come to the first topic, which is Types of LTC, so gas LTC, which is of two types, and both these types of LTC can be availed by government employees.

Ok, so the first type is hometown, LTC or HTC.

Now what happens in this gas? If the employee is posted somewhere outside his home town, then he and his family have to go and come to their home town in a year.

Once concession is given means you can travel for free now.

There are different rules in this too.

So fresh employees who have joined government service is different for them and those who are already serving means serving them for more than 8 years.

It is done.

There is a different rule for them.


If we talk about newly joined employees, you have done everything.

They get one chance means once in every year, they can go to their home town and come from there with their family, and the government will pay them back whatever their expenses will be, and this benefit will be given to you.

Every year.

You will get your first 8 years, which you can mail, and after 8 years you become regular employee, then, after that different rules apply on you.

What, after that, you can take HTC once in every two years.

Yes ok means once in 2 years, you can go to your hometown with your family and come back.

Friends are going to focus because under this you can go anywhere in India with your family and the government will bear all the expenses, so now.

The first point here is that for the newly recruited recruitment employees.

The rule is that they can go once in four years.

That means they can do it once and it will continue for 8 years.

That means in 8 years.

You can do it twice.

[Music] There is also a condition for them.

They can also travel once in four years.

There is a slight difference, which you will come to know later in the video.

As we move forward in the video, okay, that's it., Keep, watching all your doubts will be cleared and one more thing to add here is very important that what you are getting All India LTC is HTC If, you are getting it in four years, then one of them is HTC.

You can convert it to LDL, ok.

Now, let's talk about the most important topic, which is eligibility, here you can see.

Who are the people who are eligible for this.

Who is eligible and who is not eligible for this,? Now, if I tell you broadly, all the central government employees, all those schemes are very important, okay.

Now you can see here, even the civilian government service, as I have already told They have joined, and if they are civilian employees who are working in the defense line, that is, within the defense forces, then they are also eligible under the scheme.

Then those people who are in the state village have gone, but they are on central pay.

Deputation pay is being reduced on central government, ok.

Now it is next, it is most important.

Most of the queries come that what is railway employers, then the gas thing is that only and only all India LTC can be made available by railway employees.


It is okay for them too, but the condition is that the passes they get, but He will have to leave all that to go to his home.

If he does All India LTC for a year, then the gas is cleared here.

You can also see it here, for whom it is not applicable, then, for the railway employees, it is for HTC.

Not eligible means.

They can't avail LTC to go to hometown only they will get it for All, India and state government gas.

They have different scheme, so they don't do that.

All state has its own rules, so it has to But.

We will not go to this maximum, which you are seeing here.

You are talking related to the Central Government.


Here is another important point that you are not eligible for LTC as soon as you join.

When you are 1 year, You are eligible for LTC HTC.

Only after serving the department.

Now let us see for example.

If you are joining on 31st December 2021, man lo, then you will understand which of his next block year.


Now, let's block 2 years of man.

Ok, then block 22 and 23.

So you are eligible for that .

If, you are joining, then you complete one year on 31st December 2022.

After that you can avail it on 23rd 2013.

But if you join on 1st January in 2023, you will complete one year by December.

It will happen, but you will not be able to do it in 20-23.

You will be able to make it available in the blocks that have been blocked on 20-24, 2025., Okay, I.

Think all of you must have cleared the eligibility criteria, so we will move.


You are hearing from me that the block is of the block.

Then look at the gauge, here is the concept of the block year.

So if you want, you can read, it.

There is a block of 4 years from 22 to 25.

Now there are two blocks of 2 years, 20223 of two years and 20-24 225 of two years so gas.

Now what is there in this? If you are a fresh, cricketer, imlay or a regular employee? Ok, so here you can see the first block.

You have 2 years in that look in the option van one, so you can do that for hometown, one block care for 2s blocked and the second block What.

Is it in that you can take All India LDC or you can oppose that.

You have taken All, India LTC in the first block year for me and in the second block year you have taken HTC.

Or what can you do? All four years you can take only HTC Home Town.

It is not necessary that you have to convert to All India LTC.

If you want, you can visit your home town all the four times.

It is ok, but the option three you are seeing is only And.

Only chunri employees are valid for them.

Ok and jo option van aur, tu hai, woh aapko, regular, improvise, hai, hai, woh, gage, aayi, ho aap log, ko block kar concept, bhi clear, ho, gaya hoga, simple aap, isko, raho, agar, agar new If.

You are a record recruitment employee.

Then you can get it every year for the first 8 years and twice in 8 years, you can get All India LTC.

Now you can get that in your 4 years.

You can get it on any year.

Now here is another concept: Aata aayi wo carry forward of LTC ab, carry forward kya hota hai ki agar, like once in four years for 4 years.

You have to do it now, man, lo a If.

You are not able to do it in four years.

Then what will be said,? If you are a new recruit, then if you are not able to do it in 4 years or in a particular year, then your benefit scheme is left.

You had to do it in 25 and India LTC, but if you could not do it, then Twenty Twenty, Six, also Usko, usse, kar kar ho means one year carry forward you get.

If you are a regular employee, then it is okay.

So this is the only concept of carry forward ab gas.

You people are hearing again and again that you can carry family, but family Who defines the family, who are included in the term.

Then what is it, if you want, you can read it.

Completely, I have given it in detail here, but here I try to understand you in easy terms.

The first thing has happened that if your spouse is five or husband, if he is dependent on you, then he has already become your family, here.

The most important word is gauge.

He is dependent.

., As I have told now.

If your wife or husband is not working, then your children come in the family, up to two children, okay, not more than two children.

If they are included in this screen, then it comes to your parents.

So parents will be considered within the family only if their income is less than ₹ 9000, then only they will be included.


If your parents are not doing anything, it is okay.

If it is less than 9000, then they are also your dependent, and if your younger brother is there, then he is also dependent on you.

If he is studying now and is not doing anything else, 99 I think this definition will be valid.

In % of the cases, so friend, I told you the meaning of family.

Now we move on to the body.

So now the next topic is in title.


Now, as I told you in the beginning of the video.

You can see the comments and replies at different levels.


If I tell you in the same words, like five to billo, then you will get the maximum third year.

One fare as reimbursement, so you go to 11.


One you will get t year, then such van year, 12 13, and on top of that only ac1 is running.

Nothing happens above first year, then it will remain the same.

Similarly, you can see if you steamer on river, at 80, etc or If.

You are traveling in steep, etc.

then what about it,? Then? You should see all these gas very well, props have been given here in the slide, by pausing it properly.

According to your level.

Watch it carefully, I will not talk much in this, otherwise the video will become very long.


This is journey by sea and river has become next.

Journey by road .


You will get remson for the same benefit, and here the most important thing is the journey by air and as it is seen here, you people start from the nine level itself.

It is not less than that, so travel, but nothing.

To go to a special place.

You will also get ad travel, which is under the special relaxation scheme.

So we will see it, after a while.

You can see the entertainment on the gaze.

Here, read it comfortably, whatever you want to see, see it by doing POS.


Now, let's move on to the next topic, which is a special relationship.

It gets the facility to go by flight, inside these special regions.

You can also go with flight to four places with your family and the cost of going there and coming.

Government will give you, and this gauge, like I, told you once in four years.

You will get this facility and that's it.

You will get this facility only for four regions and there is no upper limit for it.

It has been said that you book flight 21 days in advance.

There is a different way.

Now I will talk about it, it is okay, but whatever your expenses are for you.

Whether, it is ₹, 40000, 50000 or ₹.

80000, no limit has been imposed on the income of the family, because many times what happens is that the flight charges are very high.

So it is not that the government will limit the members to a limit.

No memorandum has yet come in this that what is the unlimited limit, then you will get it, okay.

Now there is also a point in this which is important.

If you understand it carefully, because it is LTC or HTC, it is available only to them.

The one who is not posted in his home or hometown is ok.

Now, if your hometown and your headquarter means I will take man from kolkata and I have got kolkata only joining then neither I will get LTC benefit.

Nor will I get htc benefit.

Will get means you will not get anything, then keep this thing in mind, see between some particular points.

Yes, you can take flight.

Ok, now like.

If you have to go to north east region anywhere, then from where you can board for flight, you can board from kolkata or guwahati.

It is not that you can board from anywhere.

Yes, you mean, like I told you here now: You cannot go directly from Ranchi, same thing from North East region.

If you want to go to Port Blair, you will have to take a flight from Kolkata, Chennai or Visakhapatnam.

Only then you will have full dream bursement.

Then you will say that today, I am sir, here: I am from Kolkata., I want to go to Jammu and Kashmir is the distance that you are in your entitled.

Class means.

If you are in level four or five, then you can go in third tier one from there to there and then take a flight from Delhi to Ladakh.

Where Wherever you want to go, anywhere in Jammu and Kashmir or anywhere in Ladakh.

You can go there, you will get reimbursement for that, but if you take a man, you go directly to Jammu and Kashmir from here, directly from Kolkata.

Then what will happen in that? You will get the claim.

The claim you will get will be the reimbursement.

You will get the airfare from Delhi to Kashmir, where you will register till there, and whatever your internal class will be.

It will be given to you.

So even if you go on diet, you will get the same.


Fer, reverse hoga, jo aapko, internet class, hai plus jo jis point Now.

Another important point is that you can book your air tickets from anywhere like there are many online platforms like goibibo, makemytrip, so you can book your air tickets from anywhere.

For, which special companies have been authorized by the government.

You will have to book from them, okay, and here are these three companies or travel agents.

So let's see, first of all, Balmer Lowry & Co., Ltd.

Second, is your Ashok.

Travels,! Third, is your IRCTC,? You all must know about this.

Then you have to book your friends tickets.

Through these three authorized agencies, only, then your investment will be done.

Now how to book.

This is a very big topic.


This is related to how you have to book flights and how you can register, for this.

I will make another video only after that it is okay in continuous, because you have come to know all this.

But if you want to book flight So, you will need those things only.

Without that it will not happen.

First of all.

You have to create your pride mail id.

Then you have to register, and even after that many things happen, its booking stalls are there in three-three hours, within that you have to book and whatever you want, Chips will remain fire.

He has to do evil of the booking stall and whatever screenshot or a print option comes, he has to print it as well.

Now, I am going to tell you all this very well in the next video, because man, this video is just LG.

It was only for the information of this.

I will tell you the next video, watch his gas and for that friend, stay connected with our channel, subscribe and also turn on the notification bell, so that as soon as he uploads a new video, you will get the notification, so gas, Aaj, ke, video, mein, bas, itna, hi, kyunki, alreadyi, video bahut, badi, ho chuchi, hai, ok, aur, zida time waste, aapka, nahi, karonga, main aur, I, hope, ki, aapko samjh me gaya hoga, full process, agar nahi, aaya to aap comment, section, usse, kar, sakte, ho to ok, Hai gas ab meet ke.

Next video mein uske liye stay connected yaar hum log ke sa th.

Ok see you bye, bye, take care.


What is the latest order for LTC 2023? ›

Generally an employee can avail his LTC facility within the block year and also avail in the next year of the particular block year. Now, the Central Government has decided to extend the period to avail the LTC facility for 3 months up to 31st March 2023.

What is the leave travel concession for all India? ›

Leave Travel Concession (LTC) is granted to Central Government employees for travel to various parts of the country and home as well. The number of home travel visits allowed are two. This is made available every four years. One of the hometown visits can be substituted with an "All India visit", if needed.

What is the latest LTC block? ›

Current two year block is 2022-2023 and 2024-2025. The Leave Travel Concession to any place in India shall be admissible irrespective of the distance of the place of visit from the headquarters of the Government servant, once in a block of four calendar years. Current four year block is 2022-2025.

Is LTC allowed for Lakshadweep? ›

If you have done your Lakshadweep Tour through SPORTS or any good agents, definitely you will be getting LTC / LTA Certificate for the routes travelled by you irrespective of shortest or longest route.

What is the per diem limit for LTC in 2023? ›

Tax-Free Per Diem Limit INCREASING to $420/day ($12,775/month) for claims paid in 2023.

How many Americans will need LTC? ›

What percentage of people receive long-term care? Roughly 70% of people age 65 and older will need some type of long-term care during their lifetime.

What is the maximum travel allowance in India? ›

Is there a limit on the maximum conveyance allowance? No, your employer can pay whatever amount they find appropriate. However, there is a limit on the tax deduction that you can get for it. The maximum tax exemption is set at INR 1,600 per month or INR 19,200 per annum.

Can LTA be claimed for travel outside India? ›

LTA can only be claimed on domestic travel expenses. You can not claim LTA on the expenses incurred during the international trip (if any) of the employee. It should be noted that the employee can not claim LTA in every financial year.

Is LTC taxable in India? ›

It was officially ratified during the Union Budget 2021. The scheme allows you to claim LTC tax exemption without travelling provided you: Buy goods and services worth 3 times the deemed LTC fare and a minimum of 12% GST.

What LTC means? ›

Long-term care involves a variety of services designed to meet a person's health or personal care needs during a short or long period of time.

What is the rule of LTC anywhere in India? ›

LTC to Home Town can be availed once in a block of two years and LTC to Any Place in India may be availed once in a four year block. If not availed during these blocks, the LTC may also be availed in the first year of the following block. 3.

Can we convert All India LTC to home town? ›

In this regard, as per the extant instructions, fresh recruits to Central Government are allowed LTC to their home town along with families on three occasions in a block of four years and to any place in India on the fourth occasion.

Can we go to Maldives with LTC? ›


You can enjoy superb LTC Tour Maldives to make you experience the best part of being in this amazing island. A wide range of Maldives LTC packages are offered here to make your tour much convenient.

How much is the travel meal allowance for 2023? ›

The amount of the $297 high rate and $204 low rate that is treated as paid for meals for purposes of § 274(n) is $74 for travel to any high- cost locality and $64 for travel to any other locality within CONUS.

How much is the IRS lodging allowance for 2023? ›

The 2023 standard per diem for most of the US is $157, which breaks down to $98 for lodging and $59 for meals and incidentals. It's important to know that these rates fluctuate depending on the destination of travel, and they only cover the 48 states of the continental United States and the District of Columbia.

What are the travel rates for 2023? ›

The standard mileage rate for transportation or travel expenses is 65.5 cents per mile for all miles of business use (business standard mileage rate).

What is the largest single source of payment for LTC in the US? ›

In the United States, people who need long-term care (LTC) face a system with large gaps in care, which they must rely on friends and family to fill. Medicaid finances the majority of paid LTC, but people must exhaust their resources to qualify.

Who pays the most for LTC? ›

Medicaid: Does pay for the largest share of long-term care services, but to qualify, your income must be below a certain level and you must meet minimum state eligibility requirements. Such requirements are based on the amount of assistance you need with ADL. Learn more about Medicaid coverage for long-term care.

What is the average cost of LTC in the US? ›

According to data from a 2021 report by Genworth, the median cost of care in the U.S. was approximately $59,488 to $108,405. Many families find themselves unprepared for the costs associated with LTC and are searching for ways to ensure their loved ones are adequately cared for afterward.

Is travel allowance mandatory in India? ›

Employers usually don't have to submit proof of travel to tax authorities while assessing travel allowance claims. Even though it is not considered mandatory for employers to collect proof of travel from the employees, they still have the right to demand documentary proof if needed.

What is basic travel allowance? ›

An employee may receive a travel allowance from their employer to help cover the costs associated with work travel. This kind of allowance is usually given on top of an employee's base pay or salary and is intended to cover the costs of business travel.

What is the travel allowance amount? ›

A travel allowance is money your employer pays you to cover the costs you might incur when you travel away from your home overnight to perform your work duties. We call these costs 'travel allowance expenses'. Your travel allowance may or may not be shown on your income statement or payment summary.

What is the travel tax in India? ›

The rule to impose 20 per cent Tax Collected at Source (TCS) on foreign spending has a loophole when it comes to booking foreign holidays. According to changes brought about in the Finance Act 2023, buying an overseas tour package from an Indian tour operator will attract 20 percent TCS from July 1.

Is food allowance taxable in India? ›

Such food coupons are taxable as perquisite in the hands of the employee. However, such meal coupons are tax-exempt up to Rs 50 per meal. A calculation based on 22 working days and 2 meals a day results in a monthly benefit of Rs 2,200 (22*100). Consequently, the yearly exemption works up to Rs 26,400.

What is the 80D deduction? ›

Section 80D allows an individual to claim tax benefit for preventive health check-up of Rs 5,000. This tax-benefit is available within the maximum deduction limit of Rs 25,000 or Rs 50,000, as the case maybe.

How much LTC is tax free in India? ›

For example, if LTA granted by the employer is Rs 30,000, and the actual eligible travel cost incurred by the employee is Rs 20,000, the exemption is available only to the extent of Rs 20,000, and the balance of Rs 10,000 would be included in taxable salary income.

Are LTC benefits tax free? ›

Fortunately, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides some clarifications. In general, the income from a long-term care insurance policy is non-taxable, and the premiums paid to buy the insurance are tax deductible.

How do I report LTC on tax return? ›

Form 1099-LTC, Long-Term Care and Accelerated Death Benefits, is reported on Form 8853 Section C for the purpose of determining if any of the benefits received are taxable.

Is LTC considered life insurance? ›

A long-term care (LTC) rider is a life insurance policy feature that allows you to receive a portion of the death benefit ⁠— the money that would be paid to your beneficiary after you pass ⁠— while you're still alive. The money can then be used to pay for long-term care expenses.

What is the difference between LTC and Vitc? ›

Acronym for Vertical Interval Time Code. Generally pronounced VIT-see. VITC is a type of time code — generally SMPTE time code — that is encoded into the vertical blanking interval of a video signal, as opposed to LTC, which is normally recorded on an audio track of an audio or video machine.

What is another name for long-term care? ›

These facilities may go under various names, such as nursing home, personal care facility, residential continuing care facility, etc.

How can I apply for LTC in India? ›

Government servant may apply for advance for himself and/or his family members sixty five days before the proposed date of the outward journey and he/she is required to produce the tickets within ten days of the drawal of advance, irrespective of the date of commencement of the journey.

What is Rule 2 B LTC? ›

Rule 2B refers to grant of exemption for travel by the shortest route and envisages that a person can travel by a circuitous route to the designated place in India.

What is dependent parents in India? ›

Dependent Parents means Your father or mother who are financially dependent on You.

Can I go to Nepal on LTC? ›

Kathmandu, July 8 UNI) India has agreed to Nepal's proposal of allowing leave travel concession (LTC) to its employees to visit Nepal, according to a report in The Kathmandu Post.

Is LTC available in lieu of hometown to North East? ›

Any eligible government employee who converts one of their Home Town LTCs within a four-year block period is eligible to get LTC to travel to any location in NER, A&N, J&K, or Ladakh. Government employees cannot use the Home Town LTC facility if their Home Town and their Headquarters or place of posting are the same.

What is LTC India? ›

Leave Travel Concession (LTC) is applicable for the in-service employees only but once in his/her service period. They can apply for LTC after completion of 10 years as per Rule. The travelling facilities are categorized as per Grade/Grade Pay.

Can we go to Bhutan on LTC? ›

The civil aviation ministry has given its nod to a proposal to provide leave travel concession (LTC) for government employees to Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka to boost tourism in the region.

How long can an American stay in Maldives? ›

All tourists, of all nationalities, can receive a 30 day visa free of charge on arrival in the Maldives.

How much dollars can I carry from India to Maldives? ›

As per the LRS (Liberalized Remittance Scheme) of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) – For any permissible transactions, Indians are allowed to remit up to $250,000 each financial year. As per RBI, travelers are permitted to buy foreign currency notes for only up to $3,000 for each visit.

Is Genworth writing new LTC policies? ›

“And we have a new Genworth insurance company, which will only write new business and will not have any legacy LTC business.” The new Genworth insurer will likely retain 25% of the risk associated with the new LTC policies sold and reinsure 75% with the A-plus-rated reinsurer, McInerney said.

What age should you buy LTC? ›

Most LTC claims begin when people are in their 80s. Because of that, somewhere between ages 50 and 65 is generally the most cost-effective time to buy. The younger you are, the lower the cost—but if you purchase too early, you'll be paying premiums for a longer period of time.

How many consecutive months of coverage must LTC provide? ›

"Long-term care insurance" means any insurance policy or rider primarily advertised, marketed, offered, or designed to provide coverage for not less than twelve consecutive months for each covered person on an expense incurred, indemnity, prepaid, or other basis, for one or more necessary or medically necessary ...

What triggers a LTC policy? ›

Most policies pay benefits when you need help with two or more of six ADLs or when you have a cognitive impairment. Once you have been assessed, your care manager from the insurance company will approve a Plan of Care that outlines the benefits for which you are eligible.

What is happening with Genworth long-term care? ›

Genworth has suspended selling Long-Term Care Insurance for the time being (except for a few large employer plans). Following a failed attempt to be acquired by a Chinese firm, the company is now deciding how to proceed. Genworth continues to service its policyholders.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Genworth long-term care? ›

On February 15, 2023, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia approved a settlement reached between the parties in the Haney, et al. v. Genworth Life Insurance Company, et al. class action lawsuit (the “Class Action”).

Did Genworth stop selling LTC? ›

Does Genworth still sell life insurance? Genworth no longer offers traditional life insurance. The company sold its life insurance business to Protective Life Insurance in 2016.

What is the biggest drawback of long-term care insurance? ›

Long-term care insurance has the significant drawback of increasing premiums over time, which may become unaffordable for some seniors. Additionally, traditional LTCI does not offer a return of premium, meaning if you never require long-term care, the money you paid into the policy is lost.

What are the two benefit periods for long-term care insurance policies? ›

How long will benefits last? A benefit period may range from two years to lifetime. You can keep premiums down by electing coverage for three to four years—longer than the average nursing home stay—instead of lifetime.

What is a 90 day elimination period in a LTC policy? ›

Elimination Periods and Long-Term Care Insurance

For example, if your elimination period was 90 days, you would need to be in a hospital or disabled for 90 consecutive days before any coverage begins. Accumulating 90 days in total over a specified period of time (such as six months) would not qualify you for coverage.

Which is not excluded in a long-term care policy? ›

A long-term care insurance policy or certificate, other than a policy or certificate that is issued to a group, may not exclude coverage for a loss or confinement that is the result of a preexisting condition unless the loss or confinement begins within six months following the effective date of coverage of an insured ...

Can you cash in a LTC policy? ›

There are typically two options for cashing out long-term care insurance policies: 1) receive a partial refund of premiums paid, or 2) sell the policy for its current market value through a life settlement.

Can I sell my LTC policy? ›

Yes, insurance companies can sell their entire LTC business or a select group of policies to other companies.

How long is the grace period for most LTC policies? ›

Does My Policy Have A Grace Period? All companies are required to to give a 30-day grace period. During this time a person can pay up their premium without a lapse in coverage. Most states require that long term care insurance policies include a third party notification provision.

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