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Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana: In this article we will be discussing the highest paying jobs in Ghana and their respective salaries. One of the major benefits of earning a high salary is that it encourages saving. True that some financial experts would tell you that saving money is a poor persons mentality, but if you are earning not so much then you would have to save for a rainy day ahead. The said financial experts have passive businesses providing for them and their loved ones income even if they sleep, so don’t compare them with yourself.

Another reason for getting a well paying job is that the cost of food and other basic neccesities in Ghana and in Africa in general is on the increase, without a corresponding increase in salary, so if you had a well paying job then you can easily start your business without having to wait for too long in the name of saving, while you enjoy the benefits of a good life in the moment. That’s why this article is important. If you are tired of waiting for forever to start a business or to live an ok life then this article is for you. Below is a list of the highest paying jobs in Ghana:

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Top 13 Highest/Best Paying Jobs in Ghana 2023

1. Health Care Practitioners: The medical profession is one of the most paying jobs that you can get with a degree. Also, if you are someone who enjoys helping others who are sick, or getting your hands dirty with blood, then I highly recommend this job opportunity for you.

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Medical doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists are people that earn well in their places of work. Again, because the healthcare field is dynamic, you can receive grants to carry out projects that would help in the development of the community, their career, or their research projects. The average salary of a healthy care practitioner is GH₵10,684 per month.

2. Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs are people that don’t work for anybody but instead go on to establish their own businesses and manage it themselves. It can be either a small scale business or a large scale business. For an entrepreneur to properly operate a business, it has to be registered.

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The main benefit of being an entrepreneur is that you get to determine how much you earn, who works for you, and the time you work. The disadvantage of being an entrepreneur, however, is that it is a complex undertaking, as you would need to do a lot of studying before you can become a good entrepreneur. This would reduce the risk of making mistakes, losing money or having to close down the business because you embibed the wrong strategies.

Before you start your entrepreneural journey, it is very important that you learn about investors, building scalable businesses, managing risks and finances and knowing about related markets in the business (which is called the value chain). The average salary of an entrepreneur is GH₵6,000.

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3. Media Personalities: Media personalities enjoy a wonderful career whether on air or on screen. On screen media personalities are those you see from your television while those on air are those who work with radio stations.

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They are known because they are involved with giving information to people. This is good because it makes them considered for endorsement deals. The average salary of a media personality in Ghana is 4,660 GHS per month.

4. Creative Artists: Those in the field of creative arts such as actresses, actors, painters, musicians, etc., earn a lot from being creative and innovative. It may take years to stand out from the crowd, and to distinguish yourself from others in the field.

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It is important that the individual masters the relevant skill so that they continue to remain important to them even after many years. The average salary of creative artist in Ghana is 4,280 GHS.

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5. Engineering: It is a course that pays very well, and it is also very lucrative, depending on the type of engineering you are practicing. For instance, a civil engineer who engages in construction of various sorts and a chemical or mechanical engineer who barely does anything with their degree. Engineers also get to create things and enjoy being challenged daily at their job, which is why they need to be innovative. Engineers averege salary in Ghana 4,180 GHS per month.

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6. Athlete’s: The platform of the athlete is broad. It ranges from football to track, boxing and field events. It is very rewarding, as you could win great awards with huge monetary benefits and also get monetary benefits with team.

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To be great in the athletic field is not easy, same with every other entertainment field, as you will have to work extra hard to make it in the field. This may require you to moderate your requirement to fit into the schedule that your coach or agent has prescribed. You can also get paid if you’re used to run a commercial. From commercials you get endorsement deals for brand promotions. Atheletes average salary in Ghana is about 4,140 GHS per month.

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7. Human Resource Personnel: This is a department in a company that is responsible for managing the life cycle of an employee (i.e., hiring, firing employees, training, onboarding, and hiring). They also deal with administering employee benefits. They work with a team and are commonly known as HR.

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They are required in every organization. They earn more than the regular employees. They can go from regular human resource Personnel to become human resource managers. The average salary of a human resource personell is 3,500GHS per month.

8. IT Consultants: Today’s world is internet savvy, thereby making IT Consultants important in our world today. The job of an IT Consultant is to evaluate company’s IT systems to help them meet their business objectives. Their primary objectives include designing and implementing technology solution, understanding the business needs of clients, analyzing and diagnosing a company’s IT infrastructure.

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IT consultants also work with AI recruiting softwares that are in big demand. They also earn from teaching others who are interested in the IT consulting space. To enjoy the benefits the area brings you would require a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science or IT certifications. The average salary of an IT Consultant is about 3,200 GHS per month.

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9. Teaching Professors: A lot of people shy away from teaching as they think it is a job for those who didn’t get opportunities in their sphere. They also run away because of the situation of those in many African countries, where they can barely afford their basic necessities.

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However, teachers in Ghana earn a reasonable amount of income. Teachers in higher instiutions earn about GHC 60,000. There is still a problem with those who teach in the nursery school setting, while those in good private schools could earn as much as a 2,930 GHS per month, others could earn as low as 1,850 GHS per month, or even 870 GHS.

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10. Blogging: This is a means whereby an individual puts news up on the internet for people to have access and know what has been going on around the world. Blogging needs a lot of time and dedication before you start earning from it, as you will spend a lot of time awake and a lot of late nights typing contents and doing research.

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It also needs the blogger to be skilled with typing and or web designing. Bloggers earn about 1000–3000 GHC per month.

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11. Shipping Supervisor: Are you prepared to become wealthy in the shortest amount of time possible? If so, check out this work. The current global pandemic has led to a decline in employment in this field of labor. Because of their maintenance schedules and knowledge of when ships leave ports and arrive at ports for the delivery of goods to their clients, shipping requires employees to monitor transactions that are taking place and pays them highly for their work. Nearly GHC 108,000 is handed out annually to workers in this area.

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12. Business Analyst: Business analysts perform a larger role and merit more pay. They are referred to as middlemen between businesses and their shareholders. They produce analysis and provide it to the relevant parties.

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Additionally, they produce thorough business analyses and offer solutions for the dorm’s difficulties as well as an outline of the company’s issues. They receive a payment of roughly 24,000 GHC.

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13. Forex Trading and Account Holder: Forex trading involves exchanging different currencies with other parties. The largest financial market ever known to exist was the Forex Market (FX). In foreign exchange trading, buying and selling of currencies is common.

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For instance, in order to be able to purchase anything of your choosing once you get in your destination country, you must first exchange your local money into dollars, which is believed to be the currency used in America. Most consumers in Togo who go shopping convert their cash into CFA at the nation’s forex bureau. You can obtain information if you want to learn more about FX trading.

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Though this fields have a high pay rate it isn’t easy to become notable when you join them. Either because it takes time to learn them or you have to struggle to get your best out there and to make a headway, but with the right dose of perseverance the sky will only be your starting point. Take note, what you are reading may not be the same with everywhere in Ghana as this figures varies with location, area of specialisation and level of qualification.

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